About Us

Perfect Finish Landscaping (PFL) got its start many years ago as a small company dedicated to providing quality, affordable lawn maintenance services. Since then, we have grown considerably and expanded our capabilities. However, our dedication to customer satisfaction has remained resolute.

PFL’s founders have more than three decades of combined landscaping expertise. This expertise, coupled with our well-honed business acumen and commitment to technological innovation, provides stability and peace-of-mind in a dynamic industry that is too often burdened by delays and change orders. You can rely on PFL’s wealth of professional knowledge and experience to provide the proper foresight and direction for your next project, no matter how difficult the task. You can always count on us to finish the job on schedule and within budget.

The PFL Difference

A Perfect Finish is something of a rarity in the landscaping industry. We provide affordable services without compromising our own elevated standards of quality and integrity. Our continued success in the competitive bidding process is a testament to our unrivaled ability to understand and anticipate the nuances of each client’s objectives, while providing winning, cost-effective solutions for any challenge.

Value engineering forms the foundation of our company philosophy. At PFL, we thoroughly review your project plans for potential cost-savings upfront. Our value engineering approach, enhanced by our technical expertise and innovative methods, will ensure that you save money over the lifetime of your landscaping investment. In particular, PFL’s deliberately designed, sustainable irrigation systems will maximize your water conservation efforts and significantly reduce future water costs. We work to save you time and money at every step in the process, while engineering the Perfect Finish and refinement that distinguishes our work from that of our competitors.

Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to alleviate your concerns and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. The peace-of-mind you will receive from partnering with PFL is invaluable and exceedingly unique in the industry. We would love to discuss all the details with you, so contact us today.